Laminating Film

Royal Sovereign carries a full line of quality laminating roll films for thermal, pressure sensitive, and mounting applications.  Read how to select the right laminating film.


Economy School Laminating Film  

Royalam I - Economy thermal school grade laminating roll film great for cost effective gloss finish over lamination and encapsulation applications.

Premium Thermal Laminating Film  

Royalam II - Premium clear thermal polyesterbased laminating roll film ideal for high quality gloss, matte, or luster thermal lamination.

Pressure Sensitive Cold Laminating Film  

Royal Print Pro -Cold pressure sensitive laminating roll film idea for heat sensitive UV protected gloss, matte, or luster laminating

Low Melt Laminating Film   -

Lomel - Low melt premium crystal clear thermal laminating roll film with melting temperatures between 176 - 197 degrees F.