Laminating Film

Royal Sovereign carries a full line of quality laminating roll films for thermal, pressure sensitive, and mounting applications.  Read how to select the right laminating film.



Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film

Standard Grade Pressure Sensitive Cold Laminating Film  

Standard grade laminating roll film great for cost effective indoor and short-term outdoor usage.


Premium Grade Pressure Sensitive Cold Laminating Film   

Royal Print Pro -Cold pressure sensitive laminating roll film idea for heat sensitive UV protected gloss, matte, or luster laminating


Thermal Laminating Film

 Economy School Laminating Film   

Royalam I - Economy thermal school grade laminating roll film, a cost effective gloss finish over lamination & encapsulation application


Low Melt Laminating Film   -

Lomel - Low melt premium crystal clear thermal laminating roll film with melting temperatures between 176 - 197° F.


Premium Thermal Laminating Film   

Royalam II - Premium clear thermal polyesterbased laminating roll film ideal for high quality gloss, matte, or luster thermal lamination.