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About Us

About Us

Royal Sovereign International, Inc. is a leading supplier of appliances, office products, and graphic solutions. We support customers in more than 100 countries from our international headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, and from our sales offices, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities located around the world. With more than 120 patents worldwide, our imagination and creativity collected globally, drives us to create inventive products that distinguish us from the rest. With global recognition, we take pride in our innovative technology, quality control, and customer service.

Appliance Product Line

PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS Stay cool with Royal Sovereign's full-featured portable air conditioners (PAC's). Our robust portable air conditioners can also be used in fan mode to circulate air and as a dehumidifier, without emptying a bucket. Some models provide heat for the winter months, making it an all year around air comfort solution. These freestanding units are all equipped with a quick installation window kit, to exhaust the hot air and humidity out of the room and built on easy glide casters, to make it easy to move from room-to-room. Review our online materials to find the model best for you.

DEHUMIDIFIERS Tired of emptying your dehumidifier bucket? Royal Sovereign has revolutionized dehumidifiers with its patented Bucketless technology. Reducing humidity in a room will make it more comfortable, eliminate musky smells, and prevent the dangers of mold and allergens. Typical dehumidifiers have a bucket that requires the homeowner to empty daily or sometimes more. Based on Energy Star standards, full dehumidification makes a dehumidifier more efficient because it does not allow the humidity to grow too high while the bucket is full. Royal Sovereign's BDH series changed all that with our patented pumping system. The sleek designs are perfect for basements, attics, crawl spaces, or living rooms. Never empty another bucket thanks to Royal Sovereign.

HEATERS Stay warm all winter! Our portable heaters are designed to perfectly heat a space, person, or room. Heating the areas you are using instead of the whole house can conserve energy over time. Safety and quality is the number one concern for consumers, so Royal Sovereign heaters go through rigorous testing for the best safety and quality. Choose from a variety of attractive designs to find the heater that will best fit your décor and your needs during the long winter months.

FANS Royal Sovereign fans are the perfect way to stay cool at work or at home. All offer adjustable settings to customize to your personal comfort. Choose between desk, floor, tower, and pedestal models for quiet affordable air circulation.

Office Product Line

CASH MANAGEMENT Royal Sovereign is a leading manufacturer of cash management solutions. We offer full lines of high quality bill counters, coin sorters, and counterfeit detectors to meet your every need. Our bill counting machines reduce human error and save time with fast, accurate counting with the added benefit of counterfeit detection. Our coin sorting machines provide users with high speed and accurate counting and sorting directly into coin wrappers for added convenience. Royal Sovereign counterfeit detectors easily detect fake bills and ID cards to keep your business safe from fraud.

LAMINATION Royal Sovereign is a worldwide leader in the production of pouch laminating machines and film. We offer a full line of pouch laminators ranging from 4" to 17.5" to meet all of your laminating needs. Our machines have the ability to laminate both hot and cold laminating film. We offer a variety of film types and sizes to meet all your lamination needs.

SHREDDERS Royal Sovereign shredders include a number of user friendly features. Our patented Auto-Feed technology allows users to shred large stacks of paper at a time without having to constantly feed the papers in the machine. Our portable shredders are perfect for using the unit in multiple locations. Use these for your home or office shredding needs.

SAFES Royal Sovereign safes are designed to keep your most valuable possessions safe from theft or damage. The digital key pads make opening your safe hassle free. Keep items secure in your home, office, dorm or hotel room.

LED SIGNS Our LED signs and boards help capture your customer's attention and enhance curb appeal. These energy efficient signs are Ideal for stores, restaurants, gyms, schools, offices and more.

BINDING Royal Sovereign has a full line of binding machines and accessories. Use these machines to create professional looking reports and presentations. Comb binding allows pages to lay flat for easy reading. Accessories come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your presentation needs.

Graphics Product Line

Royal Sovereign is a global supplier of graphic lamination films and wide-format laminating machines. We manufacture a full line of laminators that will address all of your laminating, mounting and encapsulating needs. When it comes to finishing, we offers a complete line of thermal and pressure sensitive films, as well as mounting adhesives. From desktop to wide-format, you can always trust Royal Sovereign graphic lamination products to provide a professional finish. Whether your choice is heat activated or pressure sensitive, we offer a full solution that will enable you to expand your output capabilities.