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Banner Welding FAQ

Banner Welding Frequently Asked Questions

Banner Welding

How do Royal Sovereign Banner Welders work?

All Royal Sovereign Banner Welders provide a fast and high quality affordable banner finishing solution. Royal Sovereign Banner Welders use a combination of heat and speed to provide ultra strong thermal welds.

Royal Sovereign Banner Welders eliminate the need for banner tape and the need for thread.

How do I know what speed and temperature to use?

As most banners are manufactured with varying ounces, stitching patterns, finishes, tearing strength and elongation resistance there is no standard temperature and speed settings.  Royal Sovereign Banner Welders do have recommended speed and temperature reference guides but you will have to work with your banner material to find the proper settings.

Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer support with any questions at 1-800-397-1025 or at

Check back often for updates on recommended setting for specific banner materials

I ran my banner material through the welder but weld did not hold

You should allow some cure time for the welded area to return to its normal chemical characteristics .

If after allowing the welded area to cure the weld still does not hold, run the material through unit again, varying your speed and temperature .

Can I make pole pockets?

YES, the RBW-1500 can create welded edges, rope pockets and up to a 6" pole pockets. You will have to adjust the guide plate based on your specifications.