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Binding Machines FAQ

Binding Machines and Binding Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

If I bind a presentation and I need to add another page, can I do that?

Yes, place the comb of the bound document onto the comb pins and re-open the document to add or remove pages.

Papers are falling out of the documents I just bound.

You may be using a comb too small for the amount of pages bound, refer to chart below. 

Comb Diameter        Sheet Capacity
6 20
8 40
10 55
12 65
14 65
14 110
16 115


The holes are only partially punched on my papers.

Make sure you are not exceeding the page punching capacity of that model.

How do I know where to line up the paper so the holes are lined up evenly on the page?

Use the adjustable edge guide to show you were to put a letter sized paper, or a binding cover.

How many sheets of paper can fit in one size comb?

Choose the right size comb for the number of sheets in your presentation or book. Use 1/4" combs for up to 20 sheets, 5/16" combs for up to 40 sheets, 3/8" combs for up to 55 sheets, 1/2" combs for up to 85 sheets, 5/8" combs for up to 125 sheets, 3/4" combs for up to 150 sheets, 1" combs for up to 220 sheets, and 1-1/2" combs for up to 330 sheets.

What happens to the paper that is punched?

There are waste paper trays on all Royal Sovereign binding machines. The tray can be easily removed to dispose of paper clippings.