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Coin Sorter FAQ

Coin Sorter Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to use Royal Sovereign coin wrappers with Royal Sovereign coin sorters?

No, but for optimal performance we do recommend that you use our coin wrappers. Royal Sovereign coin wrappers are preformed to carefully fit into our coin sorters and are made from high quality kraft paper to meet all Federal Reserve & ABA Standards. You can check out our coin wrappers of various denominations and assorted options at Cash Management > Coin Wrappers

What should I do if the unit is turned on but the motor is not running? (For electric coin sorters only)

Check that the power cord is plugged in and the power switch (located on the back or side of most units) is in the on position. If everything is plugged in and turned on, press the RUN/STOP button if available.

For FS-44P, FS-4000, FS-4DA, and FS-4DABK only.

The tray door must be open and the tubes must be pushed all the way back. Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support if the problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or email:

Where can I find coin sorter replacement parts?

You can purchase coin sorter accessories such as coin tubes at Parts & Accessories > Bill Counter and Coin Sorter Parts & Accessories

What is the ticking noise produced by Royal Sovereign coin sorters?

The ticking sound is normal.  It is the sound produced by the gears within the machine.

Why do pennies occasionally fall in the dime tube?

Pennies and dimes are similar in size and thickness, therefore pennies occasionally sort into the dime tube. This will cause a slight bulge in the coin wrapper that is readily noticeable. Please remove and try again. Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support if the problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or email:

Why do coins skip off the top of the tube and not fall directly into the tubes?

Make sure that the preformed coin wrappers are not higher than the plastic tube. The coins cannot be deposited into the tubes if the wrapper overlaps.


How can I prevent jams in the machine?

For optimal performance, always place the coin sorter on a solid and level surface. In order to prevent jamming, we recommend taking your time and gradually inserting your coins as the machine is sorting. Make sure to monitor for foreign items such as out of country currency. Please contact our customer service department to help resolve any further issues at 1-800-397-1025 or email: