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Electric Trimmer FAQ

Electric Trimmer Frequently Asked Questions

The rotary blade on my electric trimmer is running slower than normal.  
My trimmer is overheating and I hear a humming noise from the end of the trimmer

Under normal operating conditions, the cutting mechanism will make contact with the limit switch (located at the end of the unit). This contact will then disengage the motor. If the height of the limit switch has shifted or has bent this will prevent contact and the motor will not disengage. You may hear a humming noise and you may experience some overheating. This will result in a loss of power and will decrease the cutting mechanisms speed. As speed decreases, the trimming ability also becomes inconsistent.

(how it should look)


1. Locate the motor side of the machine (area where it is humming) and remove the side cover and rear cover by removing the indicated screws.

2. Remove the two screws (pictured below) to adjust the height of the limit switch so that the limit switch will make contact with the cutting mechanism.  The limit switch should click when its engaged by the cutting mechanism, which will shut off the motor when the blade has reached the end of the machine.