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Pouch Laminators FAQ

Pouch Laminator Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use another brand of pouches in a Royal Sovereign brand laminator?

Yes, as long as the competitive brands are clearly labeled with the mil thickness of the pouches and the heat settings for the laminator. Of course, for best results we recommend using only Royal Sovereign pouches and laminators.

Can the Royal Sovereign heat-sealed pouch board be used with any laminator?

No, our heat-sealed pouch board can only be used with the Royal Sovereign EL-9DF pouch board laminator.

How do I know when the laminator is heated to the correct temperature?

The light either goes on or stops blinking. Please check owner’s manual for specific information on specific models.

How do I clear a jam?

Many of our laminators have anti-jamming devices; please consult your Owner’s Manual for your specific laminator. In the unlikely event that a jam occurs in a laminator without an anti-jamming device or you cannot locate the Owner’s Manual, please call our Customer Service Department (201) 750-1020.

How do I prevent jams?

The best ways to prevent jams is to ensure the temperature setting is appropriate for the mil thickness, ensure the pouch is placed into the laminator sealed end first and to make sure the pouch is placed evenly through the opening.

How do I use the cold lamination setting? Are the specific pouches I need for cold laminating?

Ensure that the laminator mode has been switched to cold lamination and please use cold lamination pouches (example CF03LETRSS25 cold self adhesive single sided letter size)

My new laminator came with a carrier, do I need a carrier?

With most Royal Sovereign laminators the answer is no, carriers are only required with 2 roller heat plate laminators. Most Royal Sovereign laminators use 4 roller heat plate technology or more modern hot shoe and hot roller technology. Therefore, they do not require a carrier.

What is the advantage of Royal Sovereign letter-size pouches being "undersized" at 8 3/4" x 11 1/4"

They fit much better in a 3-ring binder; by making our pouches a 1/4" shorter in each direction, there is less interference with the ring opener and standard tabs.

Why do my laminated sheets bend or curl?

The heat setting could be too high if your laminator has adjustable heat setting. The cooling bars may not be in the correct position.