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Shredder FAQ

Shredders Frequently Asked Questions

Can Royal Sovereign shredders shred credit cards?

Yes, any Royal Sovereign shredder can shred a singl credit card per pass (except the RHS-150M10)

Do I need a bag to collect the shredded paper?

Many of our shredders come with a convenient pull out bin to collect shredded paper. You can line the inside of the bin with a bag if you would like to. Our portable models do not require a bag.

What is auto-feed?

You can place a stack of paper into the auto-feed entry, the shredder will then automatically grab paper from that stack and continue to shred until the stack is gone. 

What do I do when the Motor Overheat/ Overload light comes on?

Let the shredder rest (time may vary consult your Owners Manual for exact cool time). The indicator will shut off when the shredder has cooled down. If the shredder door has been opened and closed, you must press the RESET/STOP button and then press FWD to begin shredding again.