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Bill Counter Buying Guide

Bill Counter Buying Guide

Bill counters, also known as cash counters, currency counters, or money counters, are an integral part of any type of business and organization. Why should you purchase a bill counter? A bill counting system is an affordable automatic system that will allow your business and organization to quickly, efficiently, and accurately count and organize cash. Counting bills by hand can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Human error is also a potential downside of counting cash by hand. That is why bill counters will be a vital part of your business. Bill counters can cut the time and work down to a fraction while also improving count accuracy.

When purchasing a bill counter, some key features and questions to consider are:

Hopper Size- How many bills can the bill counter hold at a time?

Feeding Style- How do the bills load into the hopper?

Count Speed- How fast can the machine count the bills?

Automated Self Testing- How does the bill counter cut back on errors?

Counterfeit Detection Integration- Can the bill counter detect fake bills?

Value Counting- Can the bill counter provide total bill count and value by denomination?

Counting Options- Can the bill counter provide customizable counting with bill batching and adding features?

Error Detection- How does the bill counter communicate counting errors and technical troubleshooting?

Control Panel- How easy is it to operate and understand the bill counter?

Hopper Size

The bill counter hopper is the area of the bill counter where bills, cash, and money are initially loaded in order to be counted. There are many different locations for bill counter hoppers depending on the make and model. Bill counter hoppers can be located on the top or even the back of the bill counter machine. The higher the hopper size, the more bills the consumer will be able to put on the bill counter. Larger capacity hoppers allow the consumer to work the machine with fewer interruptions.

Royal Sovereign offers bill counters that can hold 130 to 300 bills at a time. This large capacity allows our customers to be able to perform their tasks with few interruptions. In addition to this, Royal Sovereign has an automatic counting feature which will automatically start counting bills once a stack is placed on the hopper. Through its large bill counter hopper capacity and automatic counting feature, Royal Sovereign provides the consumer with a simple and convenient process.

Feeding Style

How the consumer loads the bills into the machine is an important feature to take into consideration. The two most common feeding styles are front feed load and back feed load. Front feed loading machines have hoppers that are located in the front of the machine and require the stack of bills to be placed flat on the hopper. Back feed loading machines have hoppers that are located in the back of the machine and require the stack of bills to be placed on its side.

Front feed load hoppers are generally more user friendly, because the bill stack does not have to be as neatly stacked together. Front feed load hoppers are also able to have a higher capacity which allows them to hold a higher volume of bills. Back feed hoppers generally require neater bill stacks when loading into the machine and also cannot hold as high of a capacity as front feed hoppers. Royal Sovereign offers both front feed load hoppers as well as back feed hoppers. More than half of our bill counters have the front feed load hoppers as we want to make the experience for our consumer both convenient and user friendly.

Count Speed

The counting speed of bill counters is normally calculated as bills per minute. Royal Sovereign bill counters can count bills anywhere from 1,000 to 1,900 bills per minute. In addition to this fast speed, Royal Sovereign offers variable speed options, which help the consumer accommodate differing bill quality and conditions. This ends up saving the consumer both time and effort and helps make one’s business more efficient.

Automated Self-Testing

The self-testing system of a bill counter ensures that the machine is error-free at start up and occurs automatically whenever the machine is turned on. When the machine is turned on and off, it will trigger the automatic self-test. Royal Sovereign bill counters run a self-test every time the machine is turned on to ensure that the machine is error free and to ensure an accurate bill count every time. This feature is imperative to guaranteeing accuracy every time a bill counter is used. Automated self-testing helps Royal Sovereign stand out from the competition as it continues to grow in the cash management industry.

Counterfeit Detection Integration

Most bill counters come with a counterfeit detection system integrated in the machine. Counterfeit detection helps the user sort out fake or counterfeit bills during counting. The three detection types offered in bill counter machines are Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection.

Currently Royal Sovereign offers counterfeit detection in all of its bill counters but one. Royal Sovereign is a leader in the cash management industry as we offer the most secure methods of counting and detecting counterfeit bills. Most competitors only offer two detection types in their bill counters, however here at Royal Sovereign we offer all three detection types in half of our products! Counterfeit bills are a major part of our society and businesses need to make sure they are doing everything in their power to protect themselves. It has been reported by the US Department of Treasury and US Secret Service that there has been more than $56.2 million dollars lost due to counterfeiting since 1865. Royal Sovereign goes above and beyond in creating products that make sure your business is protected from fake or counterfeit bills.

Counting Options: Value, Batch, and Add

Value Counting is a very valuable feature that Royal Sovereign offers on its RBC-4500 model. This feature is highly exclusive and provides the consumer with the total number of bills and total value by denomination. The user is able to sit back and allow the bill counter to count for them the exact denomination of each type of bill. Value Counting is a beneficial tool that can truly help a business better keep track of its bill counting.

Batching allows the consumer to create pre-determined cash batch sizes. The user inputs the batch number in the machine before counting, for this example let’s use 20 as the batch number. The user then places a stack of bills onto the hopper and the counter will count a 20 bill batch. The counter will stop and wait for the user to remove the batch of bills from the machine. Then, the counter will automatically continue to count the next batch of 20 bills. Royal Sovereign bill counters have the ability to batch up to 999 bills!

The adding option allows the user to continuously add to a bill count. The adding option is convenient for users who want to continuously add to the original bill count total from separate bill hopper stacks. Royal Sovereign bill counters can add up to 999 bills!

Error Detection

Bill counters will often display an error code if the counting process is interrupted due to sensor malfunctions, bill feeding malfunctions, double bill count errors, fake bill detection, and so forth. Purchasing a bill counting system with an error code system will ensure that the integrity of the machine is held to a high standard. Error code systems also help with machine troubleshooting and maintenance. Royal Sovereign holds its products to a high standard and offers very high quality error detection systems. Whether it be error codes that pop up informing the user of the error or even an exclusive human readable message on the RBC-4500; Royal Sovereign makes sure its products inform the user when it needs to communicate with them. 

Control Panel

The control panel on bill counters is undoubtedly a key factor in a purchasing decision. The control panel is part of the bill counter that provides the user with the ability to control what they want to do with their money. Consumers want a consumer-friendly control panel that is easily accessible and helps them get their tasks done in a speedy efficient pace.

Royal Sovereign makes sure that its bill counters are crafted in a way that provides the user with a sense of satisfaction and content. Royale Sovereign’s control panels are remarkably easy to use whether creating batch sizes or turning on the counterfeit detection buttons. In relation to the simple control panel, Royal Sovereign offers a vivid digital display system on each bill counter for the user to see how much money is being counted and if any errors should occur. In addition, Royal Sovereign’s control panels can also communicate whether there is an error, a half note, a double note, and so much more. The control panel is a tool that can communicate to the user a vast amount of information that will make help make his or her experience successful.


So now that you know what you need to look for in a bill counter, how do you determine which one is best for you and your business?


-     Mainly Small but also Medium Businesses.
-     Low to Medium Volume Processing.
-     No counterfeit detection.
-     Portable.
-     Average of 1-2 registers/ tills.
-     1-2 shifts.
-     Less than $3,500 per count cycle.


-     Mainly Small but also Medium Businesses.
-     Low to Medium Volume Processing.
-     Small but still care about having strongest security. Offers Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG), counterfeit detection.
-     Portable.
-     1-5 registers/ tills.
-     Multiple shifts.
-     Less than $10,000 per count cycle.


-     Mainly Medium but also Large Businesses.
-     Medium to High Volume Processing.
-     Maximum Security: offers Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG), counterfeit detection.
-     Portable.
-     Less than $17,500 per count cycle.


-     Medium and Large Businesses.
-     High Volume Processing.
-     Strong Security: offers Ultraviolet (UV), and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection.
-     Value Counting provides total bill count and value by denomination.
-     Experienced users.
-     1-8 registers/ tills.
-     Multiple shifts and clerks.
-     Less than $25,000 per count cycle.


-     Medium and Large Businesses but mostly Commercial Use.
-     High Volume Processing.
-     Serious money counting that needs maximum security protection. Offers Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG), counterfeit detection.
-     High counting speeds to deal with a high volume of money.
-     Strongest features.
-     Businesses that have multiple cash registers and process cash on a frequent basis.
-     Multiple registers, shifts, clerks, and users.
-     Less than $25,000 per count cycle.

Examples of:

Small Businesses: Any business with a cash register has a need to count coins and cash such as Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Vending Companies, Restaurants, Bars, Schools, Churches, Nightclubs, and much more.

Large Businesses: Corporations that still handle cash and coins such as Banks, Money Exchange Companies, Chain Restaurants, Sports/Concert Venues, and much more.


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