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Bill Counter

All Royal Sovereign bill counters provide fast accurate and high quality affordable bill counting solutions. Royal Sovereign bill counters eliminates the doubt and possible errors associated with counting money by hand.

The RBC-2100, 3100, 4500 models all have counterfeit detection integrated into the machine to prevent potential fraud from possible counterfeit bills.

All units count the number of bills with each denomination need to be separately counted. The RBC-4500 includes an added value counting function

Error Code EXXX can sometimes be cause by the internal sensors becoming dirty or damaged. Please tap the side of the unit gently to free any dirt or dust that may have accumulated.  For EAxx error codes please try adjusting the bill thickness adjustor to ensure only one bill is being passed through the unit at a time

Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer support if problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or at

When you first turn the machine on it will run a self-test, therefore you will hear a beep and gear noises until the self-test is complete.

The Batch Counting function allows you to count bills in batches from 1-999. For example, if you want to sort into piles of 100 bills, the machine will count 100 bills, then stop. Once you remove that batch, it will continue counting the next batch of 100 bills, then stop again. This process will repeat until there are no more bills left.

The ADD function allows you to count the number of bills in the hopper and accumulate the total number to the previous count. For example, the machine will count 100 bills, then stop. Once you remove that batch, it will continue counting the next batch of 100 bills, then stop again and add 100 plus the original 100 to display 200 total bills. This process will repeat until there are no more bills left or you when reach a total batch of more than 999.

Coin Sorter

No, but for optimal performance we do recommend that you use our coin wrappers. Royal Sovereign coin wrappers are preformed to carefully fit into our coin sorters and are made from high quality kraft paper to meet all Federal Reserve & ABA Standards. You can check out our coin wrappers of various denominations and assorted options at Cash Management > Coin Wrappers

Check that the power cord is plugged in and the power switch (located on the back or side of most units) is in the on position. If everything is plugged in and turned on, press the RUN/STOP button if available.

For FS-44P, FS-4000, FS-4DA, and FS-4DABK only.

The tray door must be open and the tubes must be pushed all the way back. Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support if the problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or email:

You can purchase coin sorter accessories such as coin tubes at Parts & Accessories > Bill Counters & Coin Sorters

The ticking sound is normal.  It is the sound produced by the gears within the machine.

Pennies and dimes are similar in size and thickness, therefore pennies occasionally sort into the dime tube. This will cause a slight bulge in the coin wrapper that is readily noticeable. Please remove and try again. Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support if the problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or email:

Make sure that the preformed coin wrappers are not higher than the plastic tube. The coins cannot be deposited into the tubes if the wrapper overlaps.

For optimal performance, always place the coin sorter on a solid and level surface. In order to prevent jamming, we recommend taking your time and gradually inserting your coins as the machine is sorting. Make sure to monitor for foreign items such as out of country currency. Please contact our customer service department to help resolve any further issues at 1-800-397-1025 or email:

Counterfeit Detector

For additional support, please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support at 1-800-397-1025 or at to walk through the procedure.

For additional support, please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support at 1-800-397-1025 or at to walk through the procedure.

For additional support, please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support at 1-800-397-1025 or at to walk through the procedure.

For additional support, please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Support at 1-800-397-1025 or at to walk through the procedure.

The magnetic detection sensor will activate as the magnetic ink is passed over the sensor. To utilize this feature, please place the bill face down over the magnetic sensor and rub the bill back and forth, so that the face of the president passes over the sensor.

LED Signs

LED signs are proven sales boosters, often paying for themselves in days. Your signage reflects your image, and you only have one chance to make a first impression.

We recommend only using our Royal Sovereign fluorescent wet erasable markers. The ILLUMA-Write technology is designed to work with the LED board to illuminate your message. The markers are also formulated to easily wipe away messages with the included cleaning cloth.

Using the included cleaning cloth simply wipe away mark from board surface. If marks still remain you can use a damp paper towel to remove excess. 


1. Use the safes emergency override key to open the door

2. Check the batteries on the back of the safe door, replace if needed

1. Use the safes emergency override key to open the door

2. Locate the red rest button (either inside the battery compartment or on the top left of the safe door)

3. Press and hold reset button until you hear a single beep and the yellow light comes one

4. Enter a new 3-8 digit code and hit enter

No. Royal Sovereign safes (RS-SAFE25,RS-SAFE20&RS-SAFE15) are professionally made and design for helping you protect and provide safety for your valued possessions and documents.

Refer to safes owner’s manual for mounting instructions.

One year.


A Royal Sovereign Dehumidifier will improve the air quality in your home and help you feel more comfortable by maintaining your preferred humidity level. This is done by removing allergy triggers such as dust mites, mold, and mildew that thrive in moist environments. It can also help reduce musty odors in places that are muggy and damp such as basements and crawl spaces.

Some signs you may need a dehumidifier:

*Wet stains on walls or ceiling

*Room feels stuffy

*Musty odor

*Mold is visible

It all depends on the level of humidity control you need. It is common to run the dehumidifier through the spring-fall, with heavy use during the summer if it is hot, muggy, and humid. This can vary on the area/region you live in.

* If you live in a northern climate and it gets cold in the winter, the air typically gets dry, so you do not need to run it all year-round. During this time, it is best to unplug and stow away the unit as colder weather could do harm to the appliance itself. Royal Sovereign Dehumidifiers should not be operated in temperatures under 41°F to prevent the coils from freezing and causing damage.

* If you live in a southern climate that does not get cold in the winter, you will need to monitor when to use the dehumidifier throughout the year. If you use an air conditioner all year-round it can limit the need for a dehumidifier, as A/C naturally lowers humidity because it cycles air through its condenser and evaporator coil. If it is hot outside and humid, an air conditioner alone could be very effective, however a dehumidifier is useful in when the temperature is not that high, but the humidity is.

* In specific locations that are prone to dampness such as cellars or basements, you may have to run the unit all year-round. 

A fan pulls the room air into the dehumidifier over two sets of refrigerant-filled coils, one cool and the other warm, wringing out moisture from the humidity along the way. The water that condenses out of the air then drips into a bucket reservoir. When the reservoir is full you will need to manually empty the unit or continuously drain the excess water with a drainage hose.

If your dehumidifier is running constantly and the water bucket must be emptied frequently, then yes this is normal, there is just a lot of humidity. If the unit is running continuously and is not filling up at least once a day, there may be a defect with the unit, or a dehumidifier is not needed for the specific room.

Please locate the drainage port (typically on the back of the unit) and ensure that the correctly sized hose is attached.  If you do not have a drainage hose, please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Service to verify if a hose should have been included with the purchase of your specific model.

NOTE: The thread standard for garden hoses in the US and its territories is known as GHT or "garden hose thread" which has an outer diameter of 11/16 inches (1.0625 inches or 27.0 mm) and a pitch of 11.5 TPI.

The coils you see on the back of your dehumidifier are the evaporator coils. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air by chilling these coils and allowing the moisture in the air to condense on them. If the room temperature is too cold, the moisture can freeze.

To remedy this problem, you can try any of these: 

* Warm up the room the dehumidifier is in. 
* Put the dehumidifier on a sturdy table (the room air is coolest near the ground). 
* Turn the unit off until the room warms up.

Your dehumidifier has a circulating fan that draws the room air over the coils. If there is no air movement out the front or back of the unit, the fan motor may be burned out or stuck, or the fan blade may be broken. If so, you need to replace the fan motor or the fan blade. Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer Service for replacement needs.

This is normal for the Royal Sovereign dehumidifier, it is to keep air circulating throughout the room.

Please consult the troubleshooting guide of your manual for a list of error code descriptions.


No. Our current portable heaters are free standing like a fan. The ceramic heaters can be free standing or mounted to a wall.

Yes, you will need a philips head screwdriver, drill, 1/8” drill bit, ruler, and a level.

Splash proof means it has an IP24 splash resistance rating, do not deliberately pour water onto, or immerse the heater in water.

No, the heater has cool touch housing.

Roll Laminators

All royal sovereign laminators come with a one year warranty on parts and labor. The rollers on all royal sovereign laminators come with a 6 month warranty.

Contact your dealer or contact Royal Sovereign Customer support at 1-800-397-1025 or at to order parts

The possible cause for this is too much tension on the back rollers. Please contact Royal Sovereign Graphics support to troubleshoot.

There are many different films and substrates used in varying applications. Ultimately the end use application should determine the materials used. A Fleet graphic for example should be printed and laminated using Cold UV Vinyl, whereas a Book cover could be printed on more economical paper and laminated using a Thermal PET. 

Basic guidelines. Thermal laminates are much lower cost than Cold laminates. 
Thermal laminating is usually both sides (encapsulation) while Cold is usually one side. 
Paper substrates can withstand heat and are therefore suitable for Thermal laminating. 
Vinyl substrates will melt and stretch under heat and must therefore use Cold laminates. 
Paper graphics are usually laminated using Thermal films, and can also use Cold films. 
Vinyl graphics are laminated using Cold films only. 

Tip. For Paper Inkjet graphics use low-melt Thermal films such as RoyalamII or Lomel.

Please ensure the temperature is set at the appropriate degree based on the mil thickness.

Please contact Royal Sovereign customer support if problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or at

Please Ensure Laminating Mode is on Hot and not Cold press c/hot button to change mode

Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer support if problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or at

Please ensure that the material is being feed evenly and smoothly into the unit.

Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer support if problem persist at 1-800-397-1025 or at

Make sure that all of the safety switches are being contacted. If the safety switch is not fully engaged, the machine will not roll. The safety switches are usually located on the right frame of the laminator (the side with the control pad) and it looks like a black or gray switch that has a small movable metal tab that clicks when activated.

Make sure that the emergency stops are disengaged.

Make sure that the emergency stop is NOT pushed in.

In every owner’s manual there is a webbing diagram. However, to get a visual on how webbing is performed, please look for the Royal Sovereign USA video channel on

Please refer to the list of videos onwww.royalsovereign.comunder the link of “how to videos” in the support section or you can refer to the list of videos located on “Royal Sovereign USA” on

Electric Trimmers

Under normal operating conditions, the cutting mechanism will make contact with the limit switch (located at the end of the unit). This contact will then disengage the motor.
If the height of the limit switch has shifted or has bent this will prevent contact and the motor will not disengage.
You may hear a humming noise and you may experience some overheating.
This will result in a loss of power and will decrease the cutting mechanisms speed.
As speed decreases, the trimming ability also becomes inconsistent.

Details can be find at

Banner Welding

All Royal Sovereign Banner Welders provide a fast and high quality affordable banner finishing solution. Royal Sovereign Banner Welders use a combination of heat and speed to provide ultra strong thermal welds.

Royal Sovereign Banner Welders eliminate the need for banner tape and the need for thread.

As most banners are manufactured with varying ounces, stitching patterns, finishes, tearing strength and elongation resistance there is no standard temperature and speed settings.  Royal Sovereign Banner Welders do have recommended speed and temperature reference guides but you will have to work with your banner material to find the proper settings.

Please contact Royal Sovereign Customer support with any questions at 1-800-397-1025 or at

Check back often for updates on recommended setting for specific banner materials

You should allow some cure time for the welded area to return to its normal chemical characteristics .

If after allowing the welded area to cure the weld still does not hold, run the material through unit again, varying your speed and temperature.

YES, the RBW-1500 can create welded edges, rope pockets and up to a 6" pole pockets. You will have to adjust the guide plate based on your specifications.


Yes, any Royal Sovereign shredder can shred a singl credit card per pass(except the RHS-150M10)

Many of our shredders come with a convenient pull out bin to collect shredded paper. You can line the inside of the bin with a bag if you would like to. Our portable models do not require a bag.

You can place a stack of paper into the auto-feed entry, the shredder will then automatically grab paper from that stack and continue to shred until the stack is gone. 

Let the shredder rest(time may vary consult your Owners Manual for exact cool time). The indicator will shut off when the shredder has cooled down. If the shredder door has been opened and closed, you must press the RESET/STOP button and then press FWD to begin shredding again.

Pouch Laminators

Yes, as long as the competitive brands are clearly labeled with the mil thickness of the pouches and the heat settings for the laminator. Of course, for best results we recommend using only Royal Sovereign pouches and laminators.

No, our heat-sealed pouch board can only be used with the Royal Sovereign EL-9DF pouch board laminator.

The light either goes on or stops blinking. Please check owner’s manual for specific information on specific models.

Many of our laminators have anti-jamming devices; please consult your Owner’s Manual for your specific laminator. In the unlikely event that a jam occurs in a laminator without an anti-jamming device or you cannot locate the Owner’s Manual, please call our Customer Service Department (201) 750-1020.

The best ways to prevent jams is to ensure the temperature setting is appropriate for the mil thickness, ensure the pouch is placed into the laminator sealed end first and to make sure the pouch is placed evenly through the opening.

Ensure that the laminator mode has been switched to cold lamination and please use cold lamination pouches (example CF03LETRSS25 cold self adhesive single sided letter size)

With most Royal Sovereign laminators the answer is no, carriers are only required with 2 roller heat plate laminators. Most Royal Sovereign laminators use 4 roller heat plate technology or more modern hot shoe and hot roller technology. Therefore, they do not require a carrier.

They fit much better in a 3-ring binder; by making our pouches a 1/4" shorter in each direction, there is less interference with the ring opener and standard tabs.

The heat setting could be too high if your laminator has adjustable heat setting. The cooling bars may not be in the correct position.

Portable Air Conditioner Section 1

No, the units are designed with the hoses included. If you add additional hoses the compressor will shut down from backpressure, and cause the output air to be warm. This will diminish the efficiency of the unit. Changing the length of the exhaust hose may also void your warranty and even cause your unit to overheat.

No, there must be ample space to allow airflow around the unit and air intake. The unit may overheat.

No, the unit will just recycle hot air back into the room and in the case of the unit with heat function cold air would be recycled back into the room. 

No, do not remove. This is not packing material but the internal fan housing; since the units are compact and made to be portable, this part was designed with a high grade Styrofoam to make the unit as light as possible for easy mobility. 

Yes, some of our models do come with a drain tube which can be installed over the drain after removing the cap and plug. The drain tube would then need to be on a downward pitch and draining to the outside or into an ample drainage system. Keep in mind that the units may run a bit hot, but that will not affect the unit. Also continuous draining bypasses (disables) the internal water full safety mechanism.


Yes, hot air is exhausted out the back of the unit and must be vented to the outside via window, through a wall, or existing duct work.

A window kit is included that is designed for double hung and sliding type widows up to 43”.

Portable Air Conditioner Section 2

Press and hold the down/up or (-)/ (+) buttons at the same time until the number switches.

Installation guides can be found in your owner's manual.  If you lost or misplaced your owner's manual, please visit our owner's manual download page at support > owner's manuals.

You can order replacement parts at support > parts and accessories.

There is a safety shut off on the unit. When the reservoir is full, the unit will stop running and the water full indicator will light up.

If the appliance will not be used for a long time, completely drain the water.
Run the unit in fan mode only for a half day to dry the appliance inside to prevent mold.
Unplug the unit and store cord.
Take out the batteries of remote controller.
Clean the air filter and reinstall it.
Remove the air hoses.
Replace in the original carton or cover for storage.
Always maintain the unit in an upright position and store in dry place.

The external water tray is to be used for draining the unit when the internal water tray is full. Position the external water tray under the drain at the bottom rear of the unit then remove the cap and plug and let water fill the tray. Do this until no more water comes out of drain and when completely drained reinstall the plug and drain cap. The external water tray is not recommended as a water catch for continuous drainage for the size is not ample enough. Remember the water full safety mechanism is bypassed (disabled) when setup for continuous drainage.
If you are continually draining into anything you must keep in mind you will have to keep an eye on this to prevent water overflow.

We do not recommend bending the exhaust hose more then a 45 degree angle or extending the exhaust hose longer than its intended use.  Bends beyond 45 degrees may  restrict the air flow which will cause back pressure and cause the output air to be warm. The unit works most efficient when the exhaust hose is as straight and as short as possible. 

Do not extend the exhaust hose further than its intended use.  Doing so may cause the unit to over heat or perform at an innefficient rate.

Yes, this is the sound of the compressor turning on. This is similar to the way a refrigerator works. 

You can check the back of the unit for the model number listed on the label. The numbers 900, 1000, 1200 refer to the BTU (times 10). The “E” refers to the unit being electronic with remote control. The “M” refers to the unit having manual dial controls. The “D” refers to the unit having dual capabilities of cool and heat functions. The “X” refers to two exhaust hose system. For example: Model ARP-900DE would be 9000 BTU with heat and cool function and electronic control panel with remote control. 

Portable Air Conditioner Section 3

Royal Sovereign Portable Air conditioners include a window kit (two pieces which can be adjusted from 20 inches to 48 inches) to fit most sliding and double hung windows. (Please note that Royal Sovereign window kits are not universal and can vary in size, example: ARP-2412 both pieces are 26 inches long)

We do not offer other size window spacer at this time. You can cut the spacer to size if it is to long or you can fill the space with foam or we suggest using Plexiglass which you can purchase and have cut to size from your local hardware store or home center. For any small gaps we suggest purchasing weather stripping from your local hardware store or home center.  You can also purchase window kits on our supports page under parts and accessories. 

When in auto mode the unit is factory preset to about 75 degrees and the set temp up or temp down buttons are disabled even though it appears you can set the temperature up or down when pressing the buttons. Make sure the unit is in cool mode by pressing the mode button and only the cool light is on and the auto light is off then you can set your desired temperature. After a few minutes the compressor will come back on.

Test the outlet that the PAC is plugged into is working. If the outlet is working than the powerplug breaker needs to be replaced. If the wall outlet is not working, there may be too many appliances on one circuit. Recommended circuit is 20amps.  You can also administer a power plug check:
Power Plug Check
1. Press the RESET button.  The reset button may be stubborn so you will need to press HARD to reset it until a click is heard and the light comes on.
2. Insert the power plug into the electrical outlet.
3. Press the TEST button. If the circuit breaker is working you’ll hear a click.
4. Press the RESET button until you hear another click. The circuit breaker in the plug is now activated.
5. Do not use the air conditioner if the above procedure cannot be successfully performed.
After switching the air conditioner off, wait 3 minutes before switching it back

Please set the desired temperature and wait 1-3 minutes for the compressor to turn on.

Make sure the unit is on a flat, level surface. If the floor is not level or the carpeting is too thick, the unit will not be level, causing the water in the internal tray to flow to one side.  This will bypass the water full safety mechanism and the unit will not automatically shut off.

Check for broken or damaged casters. Check to make sure the casters are installed securely and evenly.

Check and make sure the drain cap and/or the rubber plug is installed. If cap or rubber plug is missing, use a cork. Check and see if the drain is cracked or broken, if so, shave broken drain flat and use a cork. You can use a plumbing adhesive or epoxy to repair the drain. For additional assistance, contact Royal Sovereign customer service. 

Check to see if your AC is set in Auto mode. If your AC is in auto mode it is set at approximately 73-77 degrees.  To change the temperature, turn the AC to cool mode and select desired temperature. 

Make sure the room size is not to large for the BTU’s of the unit, check your manual; you may need a higher BTU unit. The units are designed for zone cooling so make sure all doors to adjoining rooms and hallways are closed. Make sure all windows are closed and there is not excessive sunlight coming in; keep drapes and curtains closed if necessary. Check the back of the unit for any exhaust leaks and secure if necessary. Make sure the exhaust hose is installed properly, securely screwed into the adapter and there are no kinks in the hose. Make sure there is no outside air coming through the window spacer. Apply weather stripping to any gaps or fill in any large gaps with foam or Plexiglass from your local hardware store or home center.

Units internal water pan is full and needs to be drained.  The unit will not turn on unless the COMP/ALARM light error is fixed.

Have you extended the exhaust hose with another? The unit can ONLY be used with the included exhaust hose (dryer type exhaust hoses will cause the unit to over heat).

How close is the unit to the wall? If the unit is only inches away from the wall and you are running the exhaust hose out a window, more than likely their exhaust hose bend is at 90 degrees which restricts air flow. In order for the unit to run more efficiently and not overheat, it should be at least 1-1/2 feet away from the wall and the exhaust hose should not exceed more then a 45 degree angle.  
Are you exhausting the unit out a hole in the wall? If so, are you using a flap vent on the exterior of your home/office? The flap may be too rigid and not open continuously. The compressor is not strong enough to push the air through and therefore will only run for a short period of time before overheating and shutting off. You should take the flap off the vent and replace it with a piece of screening.

Are you venting it into a ceiling or basement? Does the ceiling or basement have ample ventilation? If the ceiling or basement does not have a way of pushing the heat from the exhaust to the outside, the unit will work for a short period of time and then eventually overheat and shut off.

Make sure there is no obstruction in the exhaust hose and the hose is not kinked or overly bent. Make sure you don’t exceed the recommended hose length of 4 or 5 feet depending on which model you have. Make sure there is ample space around the unit and there is nothing obstructing the air flow of the intake, check your manual for space requirements. Make sure your unit is in cool mode.
Check your set temperature. Make sure it is set at a cooler temperature than your room temperature.  If your AC is in auto mode it is set approx 73-77 degrees. For colder air please change from auto mode to cool mode and set desired temperature.
Check to make sure the unit is not in auto mode. When in auto mode the unit is factory preset to about 75 degrees and the set temp up or temp down buttons are disabled even though it appears you are setting the temperature up or down. Make sure the unit is in cool mode by pressing the mode button and only the cool light is on and the auto light is off then you can set your desired temperature. After a few minutes the compressor will come back on. Make sure air intake is clean and filter is clean.

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